$BRB - the most deflationary ecosystem in the game!

Secure & Safe

We want our community to know that we have locked our liquidity for 30 days with an option to extend it for a year. Our buyback & burn address is also available for verification, as well as the address for our $ARB treasury.

We believe in building a trustworthy ecosystem

and we take actions to prove that.

Join the Burnitrum Revolution

$BRB - unleash the power of the ultimate deflationary ecosystem, joining the fight against inflation as the most formidable player in the game!

About Burnitrum

Burnitrum is a unique and exciting cryptocurrency designed to be deflationary coin. With regular buybacks and burns, the supply of coins will decrease over time, which will increase the value of each individual coin. We believe that $BRB will appeal to a wide range

of investors and we look forward

to build a big ecosystem.

Tax 6%



BuyBack & Burn



$ARB treasury

Token Utility

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DAO & Locker (to come)

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Daily & monthly buybacks and burns

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NFTs minting requirement

Burnitrum ecosystem NFTs

Mint every IDO Supply: TBA Price: TBA

NFTs Utility



1 giveaway ticket

NFT holders will be rewarded in $ARB tokens from treasury - giveaway!

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Early entry for IDOs projects

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Total $ income from NFTs will be used for

Buyback & Burn

$BRB token

Airdrop spots for projects launching on



Having at least 2,5B $BRB tokens

(2 500 000 000 - 0,25% of total supply)

Held for no less than 7 days in a wallet.

Launching memecoins on #Arbitrum

Airdrops for Burnitrum NFTs holders

IDO's - Initial Degen Offerings










Total supply: 1 000 000 000 000 $BRB

Deflationary! Token buyback & burn every day

Phase 1

  • Burnitrum ecosystem vision
  • Website 1.0
  • Establish social media
  • Token launch
  • Renounce contract
  • LP Lock
  • Dextools update
  • Whitepaper 1.0

Phase 2

  • First NFTs mint
  • Boostpad development
  • 500 holders
  • CG&CM listing
  • Marketing start
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Token audit

Phase 3

  • 1000 holders
  • Website 2.0
  • DAO development
  • Global marketing campaign

Phase 4

  • DEX for memecoins on #Arbitrum (Income from fees will be distributed for $BRB holders)

Join The burnitrum community!

Contact: burnitrumecosystem@gmail.com